December 27, 2018

Business Divorce Lawyer

Partners who go into business together nearly always benefit having a clearly-worded operating agreement in place. During good times, when business is doing well and operations are running smoothly, an operating agreement may not seem very important. However, when one of the partners or investors become disillusioned with the operation, or needs to back out of the agreement, a well-written agreement will provide details regarding the partners’ fiduciary duties and provisions for the dissolution.

Like any relationship between people, a business partnership is bound to go through various stages of its life cycle. A well-drafted partnership agreement will help the partners understand each other’s expectations and how to dissolve the business, in the event the parties must split ways.

Partnership Dispute Resolution and Litigation Services

If you sense that a dispute is arising between partners at your company, talk to us about our cost-effective business dispute resolution services. We are strong, experienced litigators with years of experience finding solutions to complex problems involving commercial disputes and contractual agreements. In the event you are involved in a lawsuit, you will find us to be skilled, knowledgeable attorneys in court, ready to stand firm to protect your financial interests at trial.

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December 22, 2018

Personal Injury Attorneys

While you can’t always protect yourself from an accident, you can take the proper steps to protect your future after a problem occurs, by hiring a skilled personal injury attorney. At our firm, our compassionate legal team understands that being injured, permanently disabled, or even losing a loved one due to an accident that was due to someone else’s negligence can make you feel powerless, and as if your life is spiraling out of control. We can help you fight back and get the settlement you’re entitled to, and we can help you get the closure that only comes with knowing someone is being held accountable for your loss.

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Cases involving serious injuries, illnesses, and debilitating medical complications that occur as a result of an accident can often be difficult to prove in a court of law, and downright impossible without an experienced lawyer. This is because it’s necessary to prove both that the other party was responsible for the accident, and that your medical problems are directly attributable to that accident. When you rely on our firm to handle your case, we get to work locating witnesses, finding experts to testify regarding your injuries, and researching details of your case that may have been overlooked, maximizing your chances of a positive outcome.

We offer the Following Personal Injury Services:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Trucking Accidents
  • Wrongful Death
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Slip and Fall
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Claims
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December 21, 2018

Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you’ve been arrested or charged with a crime, you can’t afford to wait a single day before calling the premier criminal defense attorneys: our law firm. From the moment you contact us, our team of compassionate legal professionals will be there to explain the criminal process to you, including all stages of the proceedings, making sure that you know what to expect each step of the way, and are fully aware of all your options. Our aggressive style will ensure you get the best outcome possible in regards to your particular situation.

Being accused of a crime is one of the most frightening things the average person can face in his lifetime, since many offenses carry consequences that have a serious impact upon a person’s family life, financial well-being, career, future, and even their freedom. Hiring a skilled lawyer that has the knowledge, experience, and aggressive nature necessary to guide you through the process can be one of the best moves you’ll ever make, and the first step toward addressing the problem, enabling you to move forward with your life. Knowledge is often the best weapon when dealing with legal issues, and when you have an accomplished lawyer fighting in your corner, you have not only knowledge on your side, but the certainty that you’re not alone.

White Collar Crimes
White Collar Crime is a generic term that describes crimes committed by those in positions of trust or authority. Some of these crimes include offenses such as money laundering, environmental law violations and health and safety violations. Many corporate crimes are considered White Collar offenses.

Assault generally refers to aggressive contact or interaction with another individual. In some instances threats and gestures can give rise to an assault charge. There are many types of assault ranging from misdemeanors to felony aggravated assault.

Domestic Violence
There are a number of offenses that can be charged as domestic violence crimes depending upon the relationship between the persons involved. Some crimes that can be designated as domestic violence include: violations of protective orders, stalking behavior, assaults, and weapons offenses, among others.

Drug Offenses
Drug Offenses most often fall under the categories of Possession, Intent to Distribute, Distribution and Use. The state of Texas has some of the strictest drug laws in the U.S.

DUI/Traffic Violations
Some traffic violations accrue points against your driving record and can lead to losing your driving privileges. Offenses such as Aggressive Driving, Running a Traffic Signal and Speeding can all affect your ability to operate a vehicle as well as potentially increase your motor vehicle insurance premiums.

Driving under the influence can be defined as operating any vehicle (even a bicycle, tractor or boat) while your abilities are impaired by the use of drugs or alcohol. Our State’s stringent penalties and fines have increased the necessity of legal representation of individuals cited with a DUI.

Fraud is the act of intentionally misleading another individual or entity for personal gain.

Juvenile Offenses
We work closely with prosecutors and juvenile court officials in delinquency matters involving criminal offenses. Our priorities are to ensure the criminal matter remains in juvenile court, if appropriate, and to seek a solution that will help the youth maintain a clear record, heading into adulthood.

A blanket explanation of theft is the unlawful taking or possession of an item or items without the original property owner’s given consent. Theft includes burglary, extortion, forgery, and shoplifting. Robbery is considered a violent crime and can carry more severe culpability.

Trespass and Property Crimes
The category of property crimes includes a wide variety of conduct including offenses such as: Trespass, Criminal Damage, Burglary, and Arson.

Weapons Offenses
There are many laws in the state of Texas pertaining to the storage, possession and use of weapons such as handguns, pistols, shotguns and rifles. Explosives such as dynamite and black powder are also covered under weapons laws. Under certain circumstances the use or mere possession of a weapon can give rise to serious criminal charges.

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December 17, 2018

Business Contract Lawyer

Solid, well-written contracts form part of the foundation for any successful business. Whether your business relies on contracts outlining the terms and conditions of a price quote, a user agreement on a website, the terms of purchase of products or long-range vendor, service or distribution agreements, the language of a contract must be specific and protect the rights of the participating parties.

If you are a business owner or operator in Texas, let one of our experienced business attorneys draft your contract for you, or, if you need a review of an existing contract, let us review it before you sign so that we can discuss your contractual obligations. We are a team of business transaction and litigation professionals who can help you understand how a contract is likely to be interpreted by a court of law.

“Contractual disputes often arise out of poorly-worded documents, or because a party has not fully reviewed the provisions in the contract. We routinely provide everything from non-disclosure agreements to complex partnership/corporate contracts, and contract review.”

Attorneys can help you draft or revise a contract so that it is a solid, well-written document. If you are unsure of whether to sign a contract, it makes sense to have us review the language and explain how various provisions might impact your business.

We are ready to help you in all areas of business contract law, including:

  • Purchase and sales agreements: structured to protect your rights and financial interests.
  • Non-Compete and Non-Disclosure: structured to protect your trade secrets and other intellectual property.
  • Contracts in General: structured to protect your rights and property.

Breach of Contract Litigation and Cost-Effective Dispute Resolution
We provide efficient, cost-effective dispute resolution and litigation services for businesses involved in disputes and lawsuits involving contractual obligations, including intellectual property contracts, non-disclosure, and non-compete agreements.

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