May 22, 2019

Patent & Trademark Attorney

We help people acquire patents and trademarks, and we also litigate intellectual property issues.

Patent Law
Patents provide legal protections to keep others from making, importing, or practicing the invention within the United States. A patentee is rewarded for inventing something that is new. In return for disclosing to the public the best way to make and use the invention, the patentee is provided a patent term, typically of 20 years, to profit from their idea.

Registering and protecting your trademark will help to ensure your company’s reputation, as well as your brand’s familiarity. Phrases, marks, sounds or symbols that others might copy should be considered for registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to prevent others from profiting from your brand’s goodwill and associated quality.

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May 15, 2019

Trademark and Patent Prosecution Lawyer

A patent provides the legal rights to make, use, sell, or import a new invention within the United States. There are also patent rights in foreign countries. Acquiring a patent is done through a process called “patent prosecution” before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. If foreign patent protection is sought, the invention/patent application must be “prosecuted” through each individually desired country. Because the United States is the world’s largest economy, many inventors and corporations seek patent prosecution here.


Acquiring a trademark is called “trademark prosecution.” A trademark is any unique identifier that allows consumers to identify your product or service, or to associate your product or service with a particular level of quality or uniqueness.

Patent Infringement / Trademark Infringement and Opinions

We offer evaluations and opinions as to whether or not a competing device or service is illegally infringing on your company’s intellectual property, whether that be a patent or trademark, your good will and/or your “know-how.” More than just offering written advice, however, we back up our transactional work with experienced litigators who spend their days in the courtroom instead of in front of computer screens in a law office.

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