December 8, 2018

Juvenile Law Attorney

Delinquency Matters, Juvenile Defense
We represent young people who are facing all levels of criminal charges in Juvenile Court. Our priorities are to ensure the criminal matter remains in Juvenile Court rather than being transferred to adult court, and to seek a resolution of the case that will protect our client’s best interests as they navigate through adolescence and into adulthood.

Dependency Matters, Termination Motions, Severance of Parental Rights
There are a variety of ways that a person’s parental rights can be placed in jeopardy through Juvenile Court proceedings. In case where Child Protective Services (CPS) files a Dependency Petition against a parent, the stakes are very high, and the parent needs knowledgeable representation. In Dependency cases where we represent parents we focus our efforts on reunification of the family and dismissal of the case. Termination of Parental Rights can also be sought by individuals in private severance cases. We represent parents or other individuals seeking termination of another person’s parental rights in private severance cases and we also represent parents defending against a Petition for Termination of Parental Rights.

Any person interested in the welfare of a child may petition the Juvenile Court for appointment of a Title 14 guardianship. Under certain circumstances, a guardian may be appointed when someone other than the parent wants to be appointed by the Court to take over parental responsibilities such as making medical and educational decisions, providing housing and so forth.

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