October 17, 2022

Personal Injury Law – Car Accidents – Insurance Tactics

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Insurance Companies Will Constantly Pressure you to Settle for an Unfair Amount.

Insurance companies can be tough to negotiate, even on a good day. It seems impossible to get a straight story or a reasonable sum of money out of it. Why waste your time and patience with their tactics designed to frustrate you at every turn? Let your lawyer handle the insurance companies that are out to protect their own interests. If you’ve lost a loved one in an auto accident and seek legal damages, their interests and yours are polar opposites. See this

They’ll use adjusters to try and deny your claims, even if they appear to be on your side. Our Law Offices’ former accident injury clients have learned through experience that the best way to deal with insurance adjusters, especially during your time of unfathomable grief over the sudden loss of your loved one. Their remedy is to ignore them simply. Adjusters don’t call our clients. Without exception, we make them call us instead. When adjusters can’t talk to you, they don’t have a chance to twist your words around and use them to deny your legal rights.

Often an insurance company will try to pressure you to settle your claim or lawsuit for less than it is worth: sometimes, much less. Under some circumstances, our attorneys believe that accepting a fair settlement offer benefits the grieving victim’s family. An unfair settlement can be devastating, mainly if that same grief is used to victimize surviving family members. Don’t forget that when you accept a settlement, you permanently give up your right to sue the defendant again if it turns out that more was justified. The settlement is all you will ever collect, so it’s important not to accept an offer unless it’s fair. The only way to determine a fair settlement from an insurance company that wants to victimize you is with the assistance of an experienced fatal auto accident injury lawyer.

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