December 27, 2018

Business Divorce Lawyer

Partners who go into business together nearly always benefit having a clearly-worded operating agreement in place. During good times, when business is doing well and operations are running smoothly, an operating agreement may not seem very important. However, when one of the partners or investors become disillusioned with the operation, or needs to back out of the agreement, a well-written agreement will provide details regarding the partners’ fiduciary duties and provisions for the dissolution.

Like any relationship between people, a business partnership is bound to go through various stages of its life cycle. A well-drafted partnership agreement will help the partners understand each other’s expectations and how to dissolve the business, in the event the parties must split ways.

Partnership Dispute Resolution and Litigation Services

If you sense that a dispute is arising between partners at your company, talk to us about our cost-effective business dispute resolution services. We are strong, experienced litigators with years of experience finding solutions to complex problems involving commercial disputes and contractual agreements. In the event you are involved in a lawsuit, you will find us to be skilled, knowledgeable attorneys in court, ready to stand firm to protect your financial interests at trial.