February 9, 2019

Patent Infringement Lawyer

Patent Avoidance – Design Around
A skilled patent attorney can assist clients by “designing around” an existing patent. This is also called patent avoidance, in which a party is aware of an existing patent and wants to minimize their risk in selling, making, or using a similar product or process.

Infringement Analysis and Opinion Letters
If you have been accused of infringement or are concerned about having your product or process infringed upon, talk to us first. We use our experience to analyze the issue to offer our opinion, sometimes memorialized in a written letter called an opinion letter, regarding possible patent infringement. We offer patent opinions for clients on either side of the infringement issue.

Patent Law Is Among the Most Complex Areas of Litigation and the Law
Patent infringement is one of the most complex areas of the law. There are specific remedies that can be pursued and very specific laws that protect patent holders and patent applicants. If you are considering filing for a patent, or are concerned that another party may be infringing upon your patent rights speak with either or both patent attorneys.