August 24, 2020

Personal Injury Law – Bike Accident Attorneys

Personal Injury Law – Bike Accident Attorneys

The attorneys at our Personal Injury Law Firm represent people in Texas who have been injured in a bicycle accident as the result of a collision with a negligent or reckless automobile or truck driver. While bicycle accidents are far less frequent than car or truck accidents, they still happen far too often, frequently resulting in serious injuries. In 2017, 783 cyclists died in accidents with motor vehicles in the US. The need for adequate compensation is essential to helping someone seriously injured in a bike wreck on the road to accident attorneys

Bicycle Riders Face Serious Injuries

Bicyclists face many of the same dangers as motorcycle riders, but often to a much greater extent. For instance, even more so than motorcycle riders, bicyclists are exposed and vulnerable to serious injury or wrongful death from a collision with a car or truck. While a motorcycle rider may be wearing padded clothing or riding leathers, the cyclist usually has no protection other than a helmet, which is rated for a low-speed impact in a single-bike accident and not an impact with a moving vehicle. Also, cyclists are much more susceptible to hazardous road conditions than bikers, and the ability for handling and maneuvering a bicycle to avoid danger is much less. But bicycle and motorcycle riders both share the same single biggest threat – negligent car and truck drivers.

Negligent, Aggressive, and Reckless Drivers

Some drivers get frustrated when they see a slow-moving bicycle ahead. They may react aggressively or recklessly and not give the cyclist a wide enough berth, forcing the cycle off the road. Another danger is when a car makes a sudden swerve or lane change to get around a bicycle very quickly. If another car was following too closely behind, that driver may not know there is a cyclist ahead and may not have time to react safely when the rider suddenly becomes visible. All drivers are required to drive with reasonable care and prudence, and this duty includes being aware of the possibility of bicycles on the road.

Safe Riding Helps

Cyclists are also required to ride with care and caution. Bicyclists are expected to know and obey the rules of the road. Prudent bicycle riding depends upon the traffic and the applicable road conditions, but generally includes wearing protective gear, wearing reflective clothing and having reflectors on the bike, riding predictably and signaling turns or lane changes conspicuously and well in advance of the maneuver. Not only will these behaviors reduce the risk of accidents, but if one does occur, the negligent driver has no excuse or ability to shift any of the blame onto the rider.

Seek Experienced Legal Representation

If you have been seriously injured in a bicycle crash, or if you have lost a loved one who was killed in a collision with an automobile, you need an experienced personal injury or wrongful death attorney who knows how to maximize and obtain the recovery you are entitled to you. Our firm handles all types of negligence cases involving bicycle accidents, including products liability cases where a bicycle was defectively designed or manufactured, or assembled improperly by a bike shop or dealer. Contact our Personal Injury Law Firm for a free consultation, and Trust us for Justice.

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